What does the certified translation service consist of?

Different individuals or companies around the world may apply for the traducciónes certificadas of a document. Worldwide, a large number of certified translations are performed on a daily basis and, although the regulations are different in each country, there is a great similarity in relation to the certification process.
This type of translations include an affidavit signed by the translator, stating that the translator is authorized and competent in the language into which the document is translated, and that the translation is correct and faithful to the original document. Also, the translation contains the signature and seal of the translator in accordance with the indications of the organization that endorses the certification (Peruvian Association of Professional Licensed Translators).
Certified translations of a wide variety of documents are often performed. However, certified translations of the following documents are most frequently requested: birth, marriage, death and divorce certificates, passports, identity documents, medical certificates, among others.
In most countries, there is a governmental or non-governmental body in charge of certifying the translator, who is called the Traductor Certificado.

Written by: Global Translation E.I.R.L.

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